Getting Started

Actually, to use Everthing Platform you will need to have two main components installed:

  • the platform itself;
  • and some client applications.

Platform is just an application that directly controls every object in your system: devices, other applications, their interconnection and interaction. It is in charge of setting-up and connection of all components, reading of their states and sending commands. And provides all its functions to client applications.

Client application is a some software that makes interaction with the platform and end-user itself possible. It is connected to the platform and allows to use all its features via some user-friendly interface.

If you are a developer, you can develop own client application based on API section of this documentation. Otherwise, you can choose one on the Client Applications page.

In the next chapters you will find how to install [1] Everthing Platform and how to run it [2] for the first time. Just click ‘next’ button to continue.


[1]Documentation page: Installation
[2]Documentation page: First Run